A master franchisee is appointed in a given country after a search process leading to an agreement. OFFICE 1 transfers to the appointed master its know-how and training in all areas of the business over a certain training period in-country against an initial franchise fee. While the OFFICE 1 concept is flexible to accommodate any market conditions. Most master franchises fall into two specific models.

      a. Master franchise in developing markets:

This master franchise covers the full gamut of OFFICE 1 activities: Retail stores, Ecommerce and sub-franchising to supply a complete range of office products and services in modern looking and attractive stores with bright and uncluttered colors and designs, and easy to navigate Ecommerce websites. A first retail outlet is launched and a network of sub-franchised stores is developed if the country is large enough to warrant sub-franchising.

      b. Master Franchise in mature European markets:

B to B business is launched after creating the OFFICE 1 Ecommerce website. The master franchisee utilizes the services of a local wholesaler/logistics supplier who delivers directly to the customer orders received through the Internet. In which case, the master franchisee can operate stockless and with a limited staff. If no wholesaler is available, OFFICE 1 assists the master franchisee in launching a warehouse for products delivery to customers.