Office 1 Enters South India

11 August 2008 India

Office First - Seeking wholesale distributors

14 July 2008


With competition in the OP industry getting keener every day and the cost of products ballooning, OFFICE 1 had to adopt the right strategies and move fast to help its master franchisees find alternative product sources. The creation of a full line of OFFICE 1 branded products was the obvious first step, generating- better margins and raising the awareness of the OFFICE 1 brand. Importing good value products direct from Asian manufacturers led to the establishment of a fully staffed OFFICE 1 sourcing office in Shanghai. OFFICE 1 branded stationery products have been available at retail for more than five years now and the customer acceptance has been gratifying. Cutting out the middleman has greatly benefited our master franchisees. All this didn't came without much effort and sourcing throughout a country as large as China is not a picnic but it all turned out to be worthwhile in the end.

The next logical step for OFFICE 1 was to form a wholesale operation and create a second brand to distribute to the many parties eager to import our attractive line of products and unwilling as yet to commit to the demands of a master franchise. We are now proud to introduce this second brand under the trademark: “Office First”. Same products, same manufacturers, same consumer appeal, yet different color packaging: a strikingly attractive deep blue color that stands out on the shelf.

This “Office First” brand is designed for Master franchisees who do engage in wholesale operations but was specifically created for distributors and wholesalers worldwide. Its focus is a pre selected product range consisting in the one hundred top selling references globally.

The “Office First” concept is simple - low prices and good quality for customers. Buying directly from manufacturers and re-selling these products directly to end customers is a decisive competitive advantage. This is where the OFFICE 1 experience and knowledge pay off. We only order from suppliers with whom we have long standing relationships. These factories provide our customers with all the required international certificates of compliance and quality standards and the OFFICE 1 sourcing office in Shanghai is dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction.

Office products wholesale distributors are invited to preview the “Office First” assortment by visiting our sourcing website
For more information on products sourcing and assortment as well as obtaining the necessary passwords to check our latest costs, please contact our sales coordinator, Elina Hristova at:

OPI 2008 Meeting - Eye on India

07 July 2008

untitled-1Mr. Ashok Srivastava - CEO of Office 1 Superstore India, was a guest speaker at the annual OPI conference in Rome. The topics covered included trends in the office products market in India, an analysis of distribution systems and buying behaviors in that market as well as future developments in what Ashok describes as a “country with limitless potential".
Office 1 was the first multinational company to enter the Indian OP busines in 2005. Its first steps in this complex and diverse country were challenging to say the least. The problems Office 1 faced included staff attrition, management turnover, dealing with the well known bureaucracy inherited from the British and of course adjusting to the Indian way of "doing things". In spite of this and due to the determination of the licensee, Indo Rama Retail Holdings Ltd, three stores were launched in New Delhi and three franchises inaugurated shortly after.
Office 1’s real breakthrough came with the appointment as CEO of Ashok Srivastava who brings years of experience in the office products business to his position at Office 1 India. With him on board, Office 1 was again on the move with the appointment of its first regional developer in the area of Chennai where the first store is to be opened in mid-July.
In Ashok Srivastava’s own words: "India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, has an English speaking population greater than all of Europe and the highest working population in the world. It may well become one of the largest OP markets in the world by 2025.”

The full power point slide show can be downloaded here

For more information please contact:


19 June 2008

Over 2000 employees, franchisees and partners gathered the weekend of June 10th to celebrate the tenth anniversary of OFFICE 1 in Bulgaria. The party was held in the picturesque glades of Ilinden, near the first class ski resort of Pamporovo.
Guests were accommodated in various area hotels and received a gift pack including souvenirs labeled for the event. Anyone daring enough to climb the 1600 meters mountain was rewarded with unlimited supplies of food and wine to keep warm.
Entertainment included traditional Bulgarian folk music and singing, popular Bulgarian bands and various prize wining games for all those present. The heavy showers did not chase anyone away and the extemporaneous dance floor was well packed regardless of weather conditions.
With more than one hundred and fifty stores, a sophisticated network for servicing customers and numerous awards for excellence, Office 1 Bulgaria is the indisputable leader in the market. Let’s extend our best wishes for another ten years of continuing success.


Panda Anniversary
Panda Anniversary

Dubai Fair 2008

24 May 2008 Dubai

The week of May 24rd, OFFICE 1 International had a booth at the Dubai Franchise Fair, the most famous of its kind in the Middle East. The booth was manned by Messrs.Hussein Zebib and Waleed Sghaier respectively General Managers of OFFICE 1 Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Glenn Reed , Export Director for International. The fair was well attended and there was a great deal of interest in the OFFICE 1 concept from a number of prospective visitors. A result that was anticipated given the tremendous economic growth in the general area. It is expected that master agreements for the Emirates and Bahrain will be announced shortly. For more information contact Glenn Reed at

Shanghai Paperworld Fair 2007

15 October 2007

OFFICE 1 Superstores International will have a booth at the November Paperworld fair in Shanghai from November 20-22. The booth number is 5A06, and it is located in hall W5. Members of the OFFICE 1 Export Team will be present and available to meet with people interested in importing and distributing products from the OFFICE 1 China Export office. The booth will also feature samples of stationery and furniture for export. Company CEO, Mark Baccash, will be in attendance at various times throughout the few days of the fair. People interested in having an OFFICE 1 franchise are also welcome to stop by.

The Paperworld fair will have some 500 + stationery vendors present. For more information click here.

OFFICE 1 Signs Peru

01 September 2007 West Palm Beach, US

Today OFFICE 1 announced the forthcoming introduction of office product superstores in Peru.

The master franchisee, T-Copia, owns thirteen sophisticated, Kinko-like, service centers in Peru and three photocopy centers under the name Peru Copia. Additionally, the master franchisee is the exclusive distributor of Canon office machines for Peru with a list of some 10,000 office customers and a large sales force calling on these accounts.

OFFICE 1 believes it has found in T-Copia an exceptional master franchisee for entering the $400 mm office products market of Peru. The plan is to launch the first 300m2 superstore in a company-owned building in the center of Lima. Following this launch the three Peru Copia stores will be converted to OFFICE 1.

Starting in September 2008 an OFFICE 1 section will be created inside the thirteen T-Copia stores in Lima at the rhythm of one store per month for a minimum of six conversions in 2008.

Sub franchising with a focus on converting existing copy centers will start in 2009 after all T-Copia and Peru Copia stores have been re-configured.

Mark Baccash stated: “The fact that the master owns well located stores in Lima and the synergy with the Canon sales force should ensure that the chances for success are greatly enhanced.

The combination of the Mexico (earlier this year) and Peru launches will provide the necessary traction for OFFICE 1’s expansion into a number of fast growing emerging markets in Latin America.

OFFICE 1 at Frankfurt Messe 2007

24 January 2007 Frankfurt, Germany

As in previous years, OFFICE 1 had a large booth at the Paperworld Office Products Fair in Frankfurt - January 24th to 28th. There we were able to meet new master franchise candidates and key vendors, present new OFFICE 1 branded products as well as provide a gathering point for the many OFFICE 1 master franchisees present at the fair to meet with stationers and suppliers.

OFFICE 1 eyes Vietnam

13 November 2006 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

o1s-intl-small-logo VietNamNet Bridge – Big population and growing consumption are the most attractive aspects of the Vietnamese market in the eyes of Office 1 International, the leading US stationery retailer

Mark Baccash, President and CEO of the Office 1 group, stated that American companies, including Office 1, couldn’t resist the attractiveness of the Vietnamese market, with over 84 million people, and that it was time to establish business ties with Vietnamese partners.

He also emphasized that foreign companies were also coming to Vietnam, and the number would increase particularly when the country joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Mr Baccash said he hoped that in his first trip to Vietnam this time he could find local partners to franchise the Office 1 International brand.

Vietnamese partners must be experts about the domestic market and the consumption habits of Vietnamese people, he added.

However, he said he was worried that the transfer of business knowledge to local partners and salesman training in Vietnam would take longer than in other countries because franchising in Vietnam was still new.

(Source: Dau Tu)

OFFICE 1 draws interest of Chinese franchise candidates at Shanghai`s November Franchise Fair

10 November 2006 Shanghai, China

OFFICE 1 attracted a lot of interest from visitors at the Shanghai Franchise Fair which ran from Nov 7 to Nov 9. Being the only Stationery Franchise with booth at the Fair OFFICE 1 enjoyed a large attendance of candidates for franchising.



Official launch of first superstore in Ljubljana, Slovenia

07 September 2006 West Palm Beach, Florida

OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. today announced the official launch of its first superstore in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

U.S. Ambassador Thomas R. Robertson who officially inaugurated the store on September 7th is seen cutting the ribbon flanked by Andrej Andoljsek, President of the Board of Vele d.d., master franchisee, and Mark Baccash, President and CEO of Office 1 Superstores International.



OFFICE 1 Announces two new franchises - Qatar and St. Maarten

31 August 2006 West Palm Beach, Florida

o1s-intl-small-logo OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. announces the appointment of two new master franchises in Qatar and St Maarten.

While spread out geographically, these additions are expected to enhance the purchasing power of the stationery group as the new master franchisees plan to be very active in importing OFFICE 1 branded products from China given the nature and special circumstances of their markets.

Michael Schmidt appointed to the Board of Directors of OFFICE 1

26 July 2006 West Palm Beach, Florida

o1s-intl-small-logo OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. today announced that Mike Schmidt, Vice President Operations, was appointed to the board of directors at its June 5th annual meeting in recognition of his exceptional efforts in launching and supporting master franchisees as well as his many contributions to the mission of OFFICE 1 on behalf of small dealers and stationers.

Office 1 announces 2006 entry in Slovenia

06 March 2006 Slovenia

Maribor image

OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. anunció hoy la inminente incorporación de las tiendas de productos de oficina en Eslovenia.

El franquiciado principal esloveno, Vele d.d. ?s una filial de Tus, una de las cadenas de tiendas comerciales más grandes en Eslovenia, con un amplio registro de actividades que cubren ventas al por mayor, centros de distribución, centros de diversión y centros comerciales de venta al por menor, así como 228 supermercados con un área, aproximadamente, de 800m2 a 3000m2 y seis hipermercados.

En el año 2005, Tus fue anunciada como la empresa de desarrollo más rápido en Eslovenia por segunda vez por parte de un grupo de 500 compañías. OFFICE 1 Eslovenia abrirá en el mes de mayo tres grandes tiendas comerciales casi a la vez.

News Image2

Andrej Andoljsek, el presidente del Consejo de Administración de Vele, ha hecho los siguientes comentarios:
“La incorporación de OFFICE 1 ampliará nuestras actividades de orientación al cliente en las ventas corporativas y las ventas directas a través de catálogos y correo directo. Esperamos asimismo beneficiarnos de la combinación del poder adquisitivo de OFFICE 1 entre los países vecinos de Europa Central y del Este".

2005 Export Achievement Award Certificate

06 August 2005

2005 Export Achievement Award Certificate

Office 1 Superstores International, a global franchiser of stationery stores, receives 2005 Export Achievement Award Certificate for recent accomplishments in the global marketplace.

Mark Baccash, President and CEO, received certificate from the hands of Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. The Export Achievement Certificate was created by the U.S. Department of Commerce to recognize small and medium-sized businesses successful in the international market place.

OFFICE 1 Bulgaria awarded Retailer of the year

06 January 2005 Frankfurt, Germany

OFFICE 1 Bulgaria was awarded the coveted Retailer of the Year Award at the OPI Gala Dinner in Frankfurt in January 2005.

A proud Raicho Raichev (right), Chairman of Office 1 Bulgaria receives the award from M-real Simon Guffogg.


OFFICE 1 Ireland Press Release

04 November 2004 Irleand

o1s-intl-small-logo Office 1 Ireland would like to announce the addition of 5 new stores to the evergrowing franchise on the Irish market. New office 1 shops, located in Donegal, Newcastle West, Rathmines, Tralee and Tullamore will open their doors over the next four weeks. Office 1 Franchise Ireland, established in March of this year, will have exceeded highest expectations and will already have ten shops in Ireland by the end of the year.

Managing Director, Mr Fintan Lawlor has stated "OFFICE 1 has been a phenomenal success in this country with the existing shops in Ballymount, Wexford and Cork reporting sales growth of up to 18%. This factor combined with new innovative products added to the mix, marketing strength and valuable supplier support from players such as OFFICE 1 and has made OFFICE 1 the obvious choice for owner managed office supplies business to diversify and progress. Now with ten shops in operation we are well on target of achieving nationwide coverage of a unique retail stationery and IT outlet in the Irish market."