OPI 2008 Meeting - Eye on India

07 July 2008

untitled-1Mr. Ashok Srivastava - CEO of Office 1 Superstore India, was a guest speaker at the annual OPI conference in Rome. The topics covered included trends in the office products market in India, an analysis of distribution systems and buying behaviors in that market as well as future developments in what Ashok describes as a “country with limitless potential".
Office 1 was the first multinational company to enter the Indian OP busines in 2005. Its first steps in this complex and diverse country were challenging to say the least. The problems Office 1 faced included staff attrition, management turnover, dealing with the well known bureaucracy inherited from the British and of course adjusting to the Indian way of "doing things". In spite of this and due to the determination of the licensee, Indo Rama Retail Holdings Ltd, three stores were launched in New Delhi and three franchises inaugurated shortly after.
Office 1’s real breakthrough came with the appointment as CEO of Ashok Srivastava who brings years of experience in the office products business to his position at Office 1 India. With him on board, Office 1 was again on the move with the appointment of its first regional developer in the area of Chennai where the first store is to be opened in mid-July.
In Ashok Srivastava’s own words: "India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, has an English speaking population greater than all of Europe and the highest working population in the world. It may well become one of the largest OP markets in the world by 2025.”

The full power point slide show can be downloaded here

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