2010 Office 1 E-Shop launch in France

04 May 2010

Office 1 E-shop

(West Palm Beach, Florida.) -- OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. today announced the launch in France of its first Web-Franchising joint venture.

OFFICE 1’s joint venture partners are Romain Zwiller, owner of two office products superstores in Aubiere, France and Celia Zwiller, an E-Commerce entrepreneur and owner of a site selling a vast assortment of office chairs at:  www.direct-siege.com

This will be the first purely E-commerce joint venture for OFFICE 1 and a test of its new web-franchising concept. OFFICE 1 franchisees will operate stockless and store-less utilizing the OFFICE 1 E-Shop platform from which to sell to customers with Soft-Carrier acting as the logistics supplier.

Further entries though joint ventures in other major European markets are programmed for 2011 and it is expected that a number of OFFICE 1 master franchisees in existing markets will add web-franchising to their traditional retail franchises starting with Italy and Ireland.

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OFFICE 1 in Indonesia

01 May 2010


(West Palm Beach, Florida.) -- OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. today announced the forthcoming introduction of OFFICE 1 superstores in Indonesia.

The Master Franchise, the Kawan Lama Group, was founded in 1955 in Jakarta as a small family business and has evolved to become the market leader in commercial and industrial retail. The group runs a chain of 40 home improvement stores under the brand of American hardware giant ACE and also operates, “Index / Informa”, a furniture retail chain, with 24 outlets offering a full range of furnishings for the home, office and commercial spaces.

At a meeting held in Sofia, at Office 1’s European Headquarters, Prabowo Widyakrisnadi, the President Director of Kawan Lama Retail Group and OFFICE 1’s CEO, Mark Baccash, signed the Master Franchise Agreement and shared their vision for the long-term growth of OFFICE 1 on the vast Indonesian market.

Mr. Widyakrisnadi stated that in line with its mission, “to be the leading retailer of hardware and lifestyle products in Indonesia, Kawan Lama will be building state-of-the-art shopping malls in convenient locations throughout the country. These modern facilities will feature flagship stores of Ace Home Center and Informa as well as OFFICE 1 as anchors, making these malls a one-stop shop for home improvement and lifestyle.”

The launch of the first OFFICE 1 outlet in one of these malls is scheduled for the end of this year.

The OFFICE 1 entry in the rapidly developing market of Indonesia follows upon the 2009 launch in the Philippines with the Rustan Group, and provides a strong platform for further expansion in the Asian continent.

Dubai Fair 2008

24 May 2008 Dubai

The week of May 24rd, OFFICE 1 International had a booth at the Dubai Franchise Fair, the most famous of its kind in the Middle East. The booth was manned by Messrs.Hussein Zebib and Waleed Sghaier respectively General Managers of OFFICE 1 Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Glenn Reed , Export Director for International. The fair was well attended and there was a great deal of interest in the OFFICE 1 concept from a number of prospective visitors. A result that was anticipated given the tremendous economic growth in the general area. It is expected that master agreements for the Emirates and Bahrain will be announced shortly. For more information contact Glenn Reed at g.reed@office1international.com

OFFICE 1 draws interest of Chinese franchise candidates at Shanghai`s November Franchise Fair

10 November 2006 Shanghai, China

OFFICE 1 attracted a lot of interest from visitors at the Shanghai Franchise Fair which ran from Nov 7 to Nov 9. Being the only Stationery Franchise with booth at the Fair OFFICE 1 enjoyed a large attendance of candidates for franchising.



Official launch of first superstore in Ljubljana, Slovenia

07 September 2006 West Palm Beach, Florida

OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. today announced the official launch of its first superstore in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

U.S. Ambassador Thomas R. Robertson who officially inaugurated the store on September 7th is seen cutting the ribbon flanked by Andrej Andoljsek, President of the Board of Vele d.d., master franchisee, and Mark Baccash, President and CEO of Office 1 Superstores International.



OFFICE 1 Announces two new franchises - Qatar and St. Maarten

31 August 2006 West Palm Beach, Florida

o1s-intl-small-logo OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. announces the appointment of two new master franchises in Qatar and St Maarten.

While spread out geographically, these additions are expected to enhance the purchasing power of the stationery group as the new master franchisees plan to be very active in importing OFFICE 1 branded products from China given the nature and special circumstances of their markets.

Michael Schmidt appointed to the Board of Directors of OFFICE 1

26 July 2006 West Palm Beach, Florida

o1s-intl-small-logo OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. today announced that Mike Schmidt, Vice President Operations, was appointed to the board of directors at its June 5th annual meeting in recognition of his exceptional efforts in launching and supporting master franchisees as well as his many contributions to the mission of OFFICE 1 on behalf of small dealers and stationers.

Office 1 announces 2006 entry in Slovenia

06 March 2006 Slovenia

Maribor image

OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. anunció hoy la inminente incorporación de las tiendas de productos de oficina en Eslovenia.

El franquiciado principal esloveno, Vele d.d. ?s una filial de Tus, una de las cadenas de tiendas comerciales más grandes en Eslovenia, con un amplio registro de actividades que cubren ventas al por mayor, centros de distribución, centros de diversión y centros comerciales de venta al por menor, así como 228 supermercados con un área, aproximadamente, de 800m2 a 3000m2 y seis hipermercados.

En el año 2005, Tus fue anunciada como la empresa de desarrollo más rápido en Eslovenia por segunda vez por parte de un grupo de 500 compañías. OFFICE 1 Eslovenia abrirá en el mes de mayo tres grandes tiendas comerciales casi a la vez.

News Image2

Andrej Andoljsek, el presidente del Consejo de Administración de Vele, ha hecho los siguientes comentarios:
“La incorporación de OFFICE 1 ampliará nuestras actividades de orientación al cliente en las ventas corporativas y las ventas directas a través de catálogos y correo directo. Esperamos asimismo beneficiarnos de la combinación del poder adquisitivo de OFFICE 1 entre los países vecinos de Europa Central y del Este".

2005 Export Achievement Award Certificate

06 August 2005

2005 Export Achievement Award Certificate

Office 1 Superstores International, a global franchiser of stationery stores, receives 2005 Export Achievement Award Certificate for recent accomplishments in the global marketplace.

Mark Baccash, President and CEO, received certificate from the hands of Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. The Export Achievement Certificate was created by the U.S. Department of Commerce to recognize small and medium-sized businesses successful in the international market place.

OFFICE 1 Bulgaria awarded Retailer of the year

06 January 2005 Frankfurt, Germany

OFFICE 1 Bulgaria was awarded the coveted Retailer of the Year Award at the OPI Gala Dinner in Frankfurt in January 2005.

A proud Raicho Raichev (right), Chairman of Office 1 Bulgaria receives the award from M-real Simon Guffogg.