Office1 International at Paperworld 2010

01 February 2010 Frankfurt, Germany


Frankfurt, Germany, February 1 2010. Office 1 Superstores International attended the annual Paperworld fair in Frankfurt. The event gathers sector-relevant suppliers from all over the world to share the latest trends and innovations in the Paper, Office Supplies and Stationery industry.

Office 1’s Purchasing team was onsite meeting various international partners as well as interesting new vendors. Initial talks were held with suppliers from China, India, Germany and USA. The new agreements will be announced later in 2010.

At the end of a challenging and tough 2009, the beginning of 2010 already shows some positive signs and optimism. The majority of players in the stationary and office products industry are coming up with innovative ideas and cost-saving solutions for their clients.

An interesting trend is the raising importance of retail items. A vast number of vendors were represented, offering a huge selection of gifts, luxury items, books, cards as well as craft and hobby assortment.

Our team also met several Office1 Master Franchisees, among them – Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania and Iceland. Each country has taken various steps to make the most of the difficult market conditions, entering new sales channels and expanding their assortment. Many franchisees are planning to open the ever more popular Online shops.

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