OFFICE 1 E-shop Launch in Germany

11 October 2011

Left to right behind notary public: Herbert König, Board member Aristik; Dieter Schlautek, Board member Aristik; Volker Schlautek: GM of Office1 E-Shop Germany; Julian Baccash, Director New Markets Office 1 International; Mark Baccash, CEO Office 1 International

OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. announced the launch of its third E-Commerce Joint Venture – in Germany. The agreement was officially signed on 4th of October, 2011.

OFFICE 1’s Joint Venture partner is Aristik, a contract dealer and logistics supplier and national distributor of Canon, Lexmark, Brother and Xerox.

The website is already up and running and provides a wide selection of products at unbeatable prices. For more information please visit the new OFFICE 1 E-Shop at

OFFICE 1 launches E-shop Web Stations

18 July 2011

OFFICE 1 just added an innovative retail twist to its e-shop markets around the world. The E-Shop Web Stations provide a sign-up opportunity to customers visiting bookstores, copy centers, electronic stores and other high traffic retailers to order on line from the OFFICE 1 e-shop large assortment of office products and services.

Hosting retailers, without adding to space or stock, earn important commissions on Internet sales taking place in their stores while OFFICE 1 takes care of the logistics and customer service and provides free kiosk, signing and promotional materials.

Web Station in Bookstore

Web Station in Bookstore

Web Station in Copy Center

Web Station in Copy Center

OFFICE 1 e-Shop: New Web Page Design

04 July 2011

The OFFICE 1 E-shop platform, now more Google friendly than ever, features a sleek new look with more functionalities.

The new home page is user friendly and easier to navigate. The category dropdown menu and advanced search box make it quicker to search for and find products. The wider banner slider focuses on hot promotional items and a Bestsellers and Featured Products help users make the right product choices.

The shopping tools include a functional “My Cart” section allowing for quick manipulation, instant reorder form and a fast update of latest news and promotions.

The new design incorporates an elegant sub-category listing featuring:

  • Bestsellers;
  • Specific filters, based on most frequently used attributes, such as: Category, Price, Color, or Manufacturer;
  • Large space for promotional information;
  • Useful sorting of the listed products in each category by: Position, Name, Price, Color.

The new product pages list easy to read and comprehensive descriptions for better SEO results with tabs providing product information and multiple pictures for an improved user experience.

The new e-Shop design includes an expanded Bottom Page section with full information regarding company policies and footer with SEO links.

OFFICE 1’s new design could be seen at and (in process of completion) and soon at,,

2010 Office 1 E-Shop launch in France

04 May 2010

Office 1 E-shop

(West Palm Beach, Florida.) -- OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. today announced the launch in France of its first Web-Franchising joint venture.

OFFICE 1’s joint venture partners are Romain Zwiller, owner of two office products superstores in Aubiere, France and Celia Zwiller, an E-Commerce entrepreneur and owner of a site selling a vast assortment of office chairs at:

This will be the first purely E-commerce joint venture for OFFICE 1 and a test of its new web-franchising concept. OFFICE 1 franchisees will operate stockless and store-less utilizing the OFFICE 1 E-Shop platform from which to sell to customers with Soft-Carrier acting as the logistics supplier.

Further entries though joint ventures in other major European markets are programmed for 2011 and it is expected that a number of OFFICE 1 master franchisees in existing markets will add web-franchising to their traditional retail franchises starting with Italy and Ireland.

Visit OFFICE 1 France