OFFICE 1 launches new Spanish website

03 November 2008 West Palm Beach, US

OFFICE 1 has launched Spanish version of its corporate website i.e. This newly added feature will allow Office 1 to provide an “in language” experience for the Company’s Spanish speaking customers around the world.

With the recent addition of Mexico, Peru and Venezuela to OFFICE 1 family, the launch of Spanish corporate portal was logical step. Our new website will enable Spanish speaking customers to learn about the Company and its history and read about our current projects and events. Americas is a market with great importance to OFFICE 1 that we have long kept in our sight. It is now that our unique concept can be presented in this part of the world in its native tongue.

Additional updates and resources will become available in the coming months.


Visit OFFICE 1 Spanish website here.

New Office 1 Store in Mexico City

15 September 2008


































OFFICE 1 Signs Peru

01 September 2007 West Palm Beach, US

Today OFFICE 1 announced the forthcoming introduction of office product superstores in Peru.

The master franchisee, T-Copia, owns thirteen sophisticated, Kinko-like, service centers in Peru and three photocopy centers under the name Peru Copia. Additionally, the master franchisee is the exclusive distributor of Canon office machines for Peru with a list of some 10,000 office customers and a large sales force calling on these accounts.

OFFICE 1 believes it has found in T-Copia an exceptional master franchisee for entering the $400 mm office products market of Peru. The plan is to launch the first 300m2 superstore in a company-owned building in the center of Lima. Following this launch the three Peru Copia stores will be converted to OFFICE 1.

Starting in September 2008 an OFFICE 1 section will be created inside the thirteen T-Copia stores in Lima at the rhythm of one store per month for a minimum of six conversions in 2008.

Sub franchising with a focus on converting existing copy centers will start in 2009 after all T-Copia and Peru Copia stores have been re-configured.

Mark Baccash stated: “The fact that the master owns well located stores in Lima and the synergy with the Canon sales force should ensure that the chances for success are greatly enhanced.

The combination of the Mexico (earlier this year) and Peru launches will provide the necessary traction for OFFICE 1’s expansion into a number of fast growing emerging markets in Latin America.